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1.Our promise for Asda story gold delivery is 1 hour -24 hours.
2.After you paid, please login the game Asda story or contact our live chat to arrange a time to trade. Our customer service will tell you the trading process of Asda story gold.

3.If you spend more than USD50 on Asda story Tilia gold, please contact our 24/7 online support ASAP (This step is required.)
4.If you can not login in time after your successful payment, please email your following informations to gamexgold by your payment email (It is important because the email address will help us find your order) :

  • 1). Your regular online time;
  • 2). Your available phone number;
  • 3). Your email in common use;

Attention:gamexgold will never ask you to give back your Asda story gold in game, and never ask for password of your Asda storyaccount.

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