Tibia Gold

Tibia Gold -- USD Price (US Dollar if you are in American/US, Canada/CA)

Tibia Gold--10K $3.99
Tibia Gold--20K $7.88
Tibia Gold--30K $11.77
Tibia Gold--40K $15.66
Tibia Gold--50K $19.55
Tibia Gold--100K $35.99
Tibia Gold--200K $71.5
Tibia Gold--300K $107.0
Tibia Gold--400K $142.5
Tibia Gold--500K $178.0
Tibia Gold--600K $213.5
Tibia Gold--700K $249.0
Tibia Gold--800K $284.5
Tibia Gold--900K $320.0
Tibia Gold--1000K $355.5
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Qua: pirce: Character:

1.Our promise for gaia gold sendingis 3mins-12 hours!
2.After you paid, please login the gamegaiaand open your private chat. We will chat with you in gamedofus and tell you the trading process of gaia gold.

3.If you spend more than USD100 on buying Runescape gold, please contact our 24/7 online support ASAP to speed up your order process.

4.If you can not login in time after your successful payment, please send your following informations to gamexgod with email :

  • 1). Your regular online time;
  • 2). Your available phone number;
  • 3). Your email in common use;
  • 4). Your account on our web;
  • 5). Your order number on our web.(There is 5-8min delay when the payment transmission to the paypal.)

Attention:gamexgold will never ask you to give back yourgaiagold in game, and never ask for password of your gaiaaccount.

Help Desk
Delivery Information

Please fill the payment form with your contact information,such as your guild wars character name,rs char name,ect.we will email you,and inform you in game,and tell you the details of trade.After you bought the GW Gold,RS Goldor any other game gold,Please contact our live help asap,we are 24/7 online.

Important Note

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